FSX Irish Scenery

Cork Airport



  • Cork Airport Started


  • Most Atlantic Flight Training Buidings
  • Some Static Aircraft
  • Parked Cars etc. at Atlantic Flight Training


  • More parked cars added
  • All reception and school cabins completed
  • Satic Helicopters added
  • Some small details added, such as a few oil cans and crates added next to hangars


  • Various car parks have been added around the airport. Two versions of the airport will be released, one with cars in the carpark and one with no cars. This is for performance or quality.
  • The new airport tower has been added.
  • Terminal model nearly complete, needs to be textured
  • Roads around the airport have been added
  • Atlantic Flight Training complete


  • Gates have been added to the terminal
  • A lot of texturing done to the terminal


  • The Aer Lingus, DHL and TNT Cargo terminals nearly complete, just need to be fully textured
  • Updates to roads around the airport
  • Some work done to the interior of the main terminal

Paths added around the airport to look like the real airport: 

Car Park with 3D models: 

 And the new terminal! :)

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